“Thank you for being so nice to our grandson. And thank you for the hotdogs.”
–Ronny & Chris E.

“I am thrilled that you are working together in this courageous endeavor. God will be well served in Fishers.”
–Carl Robinson, pastor
Shiloh United Church of Christ, Dayton, OH

“After meeting you briefly at lunch at Riverside, I came back with an excitement I haven’t felt for a long time about church.”
–Mary Lynn, teacher, Riverside Intermediate School

“I love the name and all the plans sound wondrous. I will be keeping you all in my prayers (of course).”
–Micaela W., graduate student, Indiana University

“This just affirms what I have been saying. You are the most qualified to lead the church start in Fishers and through your efforts and the direction you have taken, it is beginning to bear visible fruit.”
–Greg Denk, pastor
Pleasant Run United Church of Christ, Indianapolis

“Fishers is so fortunate to have you and the new church will be great.”
–Jim Dougans, church start consultant


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