Prairie Sky Church is a new church start located in Fishers, IN.

The church planters are Rev. Nicole Grant Yonkman and Rev. Todd Grant Yonkman. Todd and Nicole have been married 11 years and have two daughters: Fiona (9) and Olivia (6). The Grant Yonkman family moved to Fishers in August, 2007 from Dayton, OH, where Todd and Nicole had served for 4 years as co-pastors of Oak Creek United Church of Christ.

Nicole is originally from Standish, ME. She graduated with a B.A. from Colgate University (Hamilton, NY) in 1993 and with an M.Div. from University of Chicago Divinity School in 1996.

Todd is originally from Grand Rapids, MI. He graduated with a B.A. from Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI) in 1992 and with an M.Div. from University of Chicago Divinity School in 1996.

Todd and Nicole are ordained ministers in the United Church of Christ and have been doing professional ministry for the past 11 years.

Todd and Nicole began their work in Fishers in August of 2007 by immersing themselves in the community and finding creative ways to serve and support Fishers:

Todd and Nicole are members of the Fishers Chamber of Commerce where Nicole serves on the Community Council and Todd on the Public Policy Council. Todd and Nicole are members of the Hamilton County Urban Conservation Association. Nicole is a member of “Mothers of Sumerlin Trails.” Todd and Nicole are substitute teachers for Hamilton Southeast School District, volunteers at Conner Prairie, Fishers Renaissance Faire, Hoosier Road Elementary PTO, Fishers YMCA.

Prairie Sky Church began meeting as small groups for conversation and worship in January 2008.

Todd and Nicole are church planters because we believe it’s time for a new generation to take a new look at Jesus. Research shows that most people of our generation and younger are unchurched. We (as in “our generation in general”) are interested in God, Jesus, and the Bible, but we experience the church as judgmental and exclusive. Prairie Sky Church values inclusivity, partnership, and welcome

Todd and Nicole were called to Fishers because it was identified as a growing area that presents great opportunities for service and for building a healthy, vibrant faith community.

3 Responses to “Our Story”

  1. Jeanne Long Says:

    We are in jail ministry and are interested in info on a discipleship pamphlet that we saw from your ministry. Thanks

    1. toddyonkman Says:

      Thanks for the comment. Not sure which discipleship pamphlet you’re referring to.

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